Organized Religion

“I don’t need organized religion.  I can stay at home and read my Bible.”  This common objection has concrete answers in the Bible.  First I have to say that after seventeen years of public ministry it’s not THAT organized.  It’s a joke, but it hits on a good point.  What do you mean by organized religion?  Do you like disorganized religion?  I think what is meant is high church, doctrine, clergy and all the trappings that go with it.  I really think that this is an excuse for people who don’t want to go to church.  There are some who point to non-denominational churches as the cure for organized religion, but I don’t know that those are any less organized.  Often “non-denoms” are part of a larger association of churches.  So what if they aren’t?  Does a church’s lone wolf mentality make it more appealing for some reason?  I think not.  If anything I am MORE suspicious of a church or group that has no track record, no seminary, no body of doctrine.

The answer Scripture offers can be found when we look at just one person.  The Gospel of John lists the heart wrenching account of Judas.  Judas’ sin is tragic, but his repentance was God pleasing.  The problem was that when he went to the church of his day for spiritual care, they sent him out on his ear.  Judas was no more guilty than any other sinner.  He was lost forever because there was no one to reach out a hand when he was drowning in guilt.  Watch the video – the congregation has no problem throwing out gospel comfort.  When Judas went looking for it, there was none to be found.

Could you find God in a sunset walk on the beach, during round of morning golf on the links, or spread across a blanket of fresh snow?  Maybe.  There are some things that we can learn from the world around us, but we can’t learn about Jesus there.  He is only found in the Bible and on the lips of other Christians.

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