Near Death

If a person is near death, sometimes they will lose consciousness.  Then they are revived.  It is during these moments that people claim to have near death experiences.  Some are in an operating room and have claimed to hover over their body and watch people working to save them.  Others claim that they have seem heaven itself – meeting loved ones long dead.  Yet, there are others who have a terrifying experience of seeing hell.  I am not here to say that all of these stories are necessarily fabrications.  However, some like the account from the Burpo family have been just that.

I am quick to tell people that no matter what someone says, if it goes against what God tells us in the Bible it’s not true.  If these stories aren’t true, what is it that people are seeing?  First there is the matter of straight greed.  People will try to lie to get a buck.  I think that is all that happened with the linked up story from the Burpo family.  What if someone sincerely tells what he saw?  First, our Lord says that Satan can appear as an angel of light.  How does it help if a person goes through a near death experience and claims – it doesn’t really matter?  There is nothing to fear.  Satan can use that message to lead people away.  Is it easier to go through life ignorant and oblivious to the dangers to your soul, falsely believing that there is nothing to fear than it is to realize there is a real God who will demand an accounting for your sins.

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