What is your God like?

What is your God like?  When a young woman came early to church and sat down, instantly offering an apology, there was something wrong.  “I hope you don’t mind me being here.  I don’t believe in God.”  The answer offered by Bill Hybels is still a good one – “Why don’t you tell me about the God you don’t believe in?  Maybe I don’t believe in him either.”

What is your God like?  How would you describe him?  Paul talks about the answer in his letter to the Philippian Christians.  Anything good, noble, lovely, kind, etc.  My God is the one who made the butterfly.  My God loves me even on my worst days.  My God hears me when I call to him.  My God answers everyone of my prayers – big or small.  My God died for me.  You don’t need to quote Scripture – who is God to you.  Consider: no one can challenge you.  This is who God is to you.  It’s as valid as the reasons another holds who doesn’t believe that God exists.  Just because your answer reflects the Jesus found in the Bible doesn’t make your answer wrong.  On the contrary, your answer is not only true, it’s self convincing because when you share your witness – your answer to, “What is God like?”  God the Holy Spirit goes with your words and changes hearts.

Want to hear more – including five easy attributes to share about your God (…and a few God is not)?  Watch this Sunday’s lesson in our series Not Sorry – Apologetics: What is your God like?

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