You Really Believe in Miracles?

“So let me get this straight – you really believe in miracles?  You actually believe that there was a virgin birth?  That’s impossible!” says the cynic.  The virgin birth isn’t the only miraculous piece of the Christian puzzle.  EVERYTHING in Christianity is miraculous.  In fact, even though some have tried, there is no way to pull the miraculous out of Christianity and preserve the faith.  There would be nothing left.  CS Lewis says it this way.

But you cannot possibly do that [remove miracles] with Christianity, because the Christian story is precisely the story of one grand miracle…If you take that away there is nothing specifically Christian left.

The virgin birth is truly a miracle, but let’s go straight for the big one.  I’m talking about the empty tomb – Easter.  Jesus raised himself from the dead.  That sounds impossible, alright.  The problem is that hundreds of people saw Jesus.  He walked all over Jerusalem for forty days before ascending in to heaven.  There are some who say that this was all a fabrication.  Consider which is easier to believe.  Jesus actually rose from the dead OR there was a mass hypnotic event followed by people who enjoy lying and persecution.

The real kicker isn’t that the miraculous is difficult to believe ask any medical professional and there are numerous stories of illnesses that disappear.  There is no answer or reason for why it happens, but happen it does over and over again.  Remember in all of this: you are not God’s debate team.  All we do is witness to the power and mercy of our God.  The convincing is up to the Holy Spirit.

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