Evangelism – A Way of Life

Date: April, 17, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM

If something is a “Way of Life” there isn’t much thought that goes into it because it’s just something that we do.  If we want something to become a way of life for us that isn’t part of our routine, it can take some work.  This fall we are looking at Evangelism as a way of life.  Come and see what it takes to make talking about Jesus second nature.  We’ll look at you – the one doing the witnessing and your possible audiences.  We’ll look at objections and some of the difference kinds of the people you might meet.  God bless you as you make evangelism a way of life!

Lesson 1 – Why Spread the Good News

Lesson 2 – Reluctant Evangelists

Lesson 3 – Seeking the Lost

Lesson 4 – Getting People Interested

Lesson 5 – Creative Communication

Lesson 6 – The Good News

Lesson 7 – Friendship Evangelism

Lesson 8 – Talking with Strangers

Lesson 9 – Cross Cultural

Lesson 10 – Presenting the Cost

Lesson 11 – Facing Opposition

Lesson 12 – Balanced Expectations