Parabolic – A Study of Divine Stories

Date: October, 28, 2018

If something is parabolic it probably has to do with a little curves and a lot of math.  Or… it’s the study of all things parables in the Gospel accounts.  Jesus was the master story teller.  His skills go beyond the parables themselves to how he interacted with his friends and enemies.  How often he ignores a question that is asked him.  Other times he takes the time to answer a question thoughtfully.

As we go through these parables note that there are times that Jesus speaks a metaphor but doesn’t elaborate it into a parable – and therefore it didn’t make our Bible study.  That doesn’t meant that his point was any less powerful.  His line about the camel going through the eye of a needle is a great example.

This summer we start a Group Bible Study on Jesus parables.

Parables – 1 Budding Fig Tree – It all starts now!  Sower and the Seed – Gospel and its results.

Parables – 2 The Pearl and the Hidden Treasure – What is more valuable to you? / Mustard Seed – What does the kingdom of God look like? / Seed Growing Secretly – The gospel works even if you don’t see it.

Parables – 3 Workers in the Vineyard – What’s in it for me!

Parables – 4 The Two Sons/The Tenants – Rebellion

Parables – 5 The Wedding Banquet/Faithful Servant – Parable of the end of the world

Parables – 6 The Ten Virgins/Keep watch!/The Net/ Wheat and Tares – Judgment Day

Parables – 7 The Two Debtors – Who loves more? / Unmerciful Servant – How many times should I forgive?

Parables – 8 Good Samaritan – Who is my neighbor

Parables – 9 The Rich Fool/The Unjust Steward/The Rich Man and Lazarus – Greed

Parables – 10 The Lost Sheep/Lost Coin/The Prodigal Son – God’s Love for the Lost

Parables – 11 Parable of the Talents/Minas/Counting the Cost – Stewardship

Parables – 12 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector/Friend at Night/Unjust Judge – Prayer

Parables – 13 The Leaven/Bushel Basket/Wise Foolish Builders/New Wine into Old Wineskins – Gospel Works