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Martin Luther pounded the 95 Thesis onto the castle church door in Wittenburg.


There will NOT be a RefTalk Small Group Bible study this Sunday, April 15th at 9 AM.  The small group study will resume on Sunday the 22nd at 9 AM.

Our study during the first quarter of the year will use the RefTalks. These brief meditations on different aspects of the Reformation offer a fascinating framework to study our faith.  Join us every Sunday at 9 AM before worship in the Bible study room!

You can view them HERE on our Synod’s web page.

Here are the past RefTalks:

The Means of Grace and Bible Translation

A look at Law and Gospel

Katie Luther and Vocation

Coburg Castle and the Theology of the Cross

Our current RefTalk is found HERE.  What does it mean to be a Christian?  Pastor Kevin Wattles shows us in God’s word.