Start a New Way of Living! God Loves You!

Jesus died that we might live.

Thorn in the Flesh

Familiarity breads contempt. I didn’t make that up – it is an observed rule. Why is it that we always long for the new and different? How sad that this view is in God’s church! Do we despise the faith that we have known from birth because… it’s old to us? May the Spirit guard our hearts from cobwebs of boredom and doubt.

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.

Master of Disaster

Where will you go when the storms of life come crashing down on your head? That was the question that the disciples found themselves facing. The answer should have been obvious – Jesus! He is the one who can calm any of life’s storms. Are you worried? Are you in a storm? Come and find peace in the middle of your storm as we worship our God.

God Bless Our Nation

God bless America!  We utter this blessing every time around this year.  Our nation celebrates its independence in just a few days.  What does our God have to say about our nation?  How are we to act?  Does it matter what’s in the constitution?  How can we treat our elected leaders if we don’t like them?  Check out what God has to say about America.

Mustard Seeds

“The kingdom of God is like…” Jesus’ parables open the kingdom of God to everyone. He breaks down the spirit world into dozens of simple stories – each with it’s own nugget of truth. This Sunday we look at how Jesus taught the people of his day, what impact that has on our lives, and how we witness and teach those same truths today.

A house divided can never stand!

A House Divided

What would a house divided look like?  Jesus takes us down that train of thought in the Gospel lesson.  How ridiculous to think that Satan would drive out his own demons.  Jesus’ critics were looking for any and every reason to condemn him and his teaching.  Jesus was teaching with power not just because he […]

God bless our graduates!

Graduation Sunday

There are different stages in life. This time of year it is common for families to celebrate completing one of those stages. Maybe it’s graduating from high school or completing a course of training. This Sunday we offered thanks to God for all those who are celebrating accomplishments.

Trinity Sunday

What does a church of the AI worship? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. While no one in this church would worship anything other than themselves, they are dedicated to the idea of bringing “singularity” to reality. They say, when machines become smarter than humans, that will be the closest thing to God the world has ever seen. This Sunday is Trinity Sunday when we remember that our three-in-one God is beyond our understanding and worthy of our worship. The Trinity is also a great test on whether or not a faith is false. Want to learn more? Watch this sermon taken from John 3.

Old Made New

What do the sound of a freight train rushing past and little tongues of fire have in common? They are both signs of the Holy Spirit’s coming on Pentecost. Jesus instructed his disciples to stay in Jerusalem until they were clothed with power. He didn’t disappoint. The power of the Holy Spirit is still at our disposal, but that doesn’t mean it will be through visible signs. The Spirit powerfully changes hearts through his word even today.

Jesus has ascended into heaven.


How can there be new life if Jesus isn’t with us? The truth is that even though he has ascended into heaven that doesn’t mean that we are left alone. He promised to send us his Spirit and where ever we gather in his name – there he is! He is with us even though he is in heaven.