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Sermons from 2015 (Page 6)

God extends a call to Elisha through Elijah

The Mantle of the Public Ministry

When Elijah extended the divine call into the public ministry to Elisha, what do you suppose was his reaction?  You should know that in spite of some great outward victories for the Lord in Elijah’s ministry, just before this he was depressed and wanted to die.  He was facing death threats!  When Elijah put his […]

Gospel of Mark

Public Endorsement

Public endorsements are a big deal these days.  To have a sports figure or popular actress can make the difference in selling a product.  In our text we hear the public endorsement of Jesus from John the Baptist, the Holy Trinity, and maybe even you.  Watch and see why Jesus’ baptism is important for you!  What […]

Jesus is the savior of the world. Matthew goes into the Old Testament in finds one prophecy after another to show that Jesus is the promised Messiah the Jews were looking for.

We Three Kings – The Magi

“Magi from the East came to worship him.”  There is so much more that we would like to know about the visit of the magi.  For our message this morning let’s focus on what we do know.  There is much that we can learn.  What must have they thought when after traveling for possibly years, […]