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Sermons from 2016

What are you waiting for? Be baptized and wash your sins away!

Down by the River

Did you see this guy? He looks crazy! But he makes alot of sense. This Sunday we begin our new sermon series Christmas on Location in an unlikely place – down by the river. Come and check out the fiery preaching and see where the road to the Christmas manger begins.

Promise of the King

This Sunday we will close out the season of End Times and our sermon series Sundays of Promise.  It is Christ the King Sunday.  No matter who calls the White House home or no matter who leads the nations of the world, Jesus is our King.  On the Last Day every knee will bow before him.  

The mountain of the Lord in Isaiah 65 is a picture of heaven.

Promise of the Resurrection

There are few sights more exhilarating than looking over the peak of a mountain. I suppose some of what make the sight so wonderful is how difficult it can be to climb the mountain in the first place, but even if you are sitting in the comfort of your living room watching the experience in HD, it’s still pretty cool. As you look over the peaks and valleys it’s impossible to see everything in between and difficult to gauge the distance in what you see.

When the prophet Isaiah recorded the picture of heaven and the New Testament church, I can only imagine his excitement. We speak of prophetic perspective when a prophet is given a vision that spans, in some cases, thousands of years. It might bother us to hear about infants dying nestled right next to the heavenly mansion where there is no death, but the prophet just records his vision of the future.

All we know is the suffering of this veil of tears, at least the 2016 version. Every age has had its own struggles. That is why we need to see heaven and the peace that is waiting for us. We continue our End Times sermon series Sundays of Promise under the theme: The Promise of Resurrection.

A Righteousness apart from the Law has been revealed.

Promise of Truth

This Sunday we celebrate the 499th anniversary of the Reformation of the Christian Church. This Sunday ushers in a new season of the church year – End Time. We also begin a new sermon series – Sundays of Promise. Our first sermon is the Promise of Truth. As the Last Day draws closer we have nothing to fear because we are set free from sin by God’s truth of forgiveness in Jesus.

The Book of Luke. There was an excitement among the crowds that watched Jesus carry out his ministry. Jesus went to church; join us this Sunday at Star of Bethlehem. The glory of the Lord is revealed in Jesus.

Seeking Mercy

Have you ever felt like there aren’t enough commandments? Do you ever feel like you’re walking around with a giant gold star on your back because God just can’t get enough of you?! Well then I have the sermon for you! In this Seeking Mercy Sunday we’re going to explore the love of God for people who don’t think they need it.