A New Command

When Jesus gave us a “new command”, do you think that the disciples offered a collective yawn?  What is so new about love?  Jesus’ command was unique because he was the source of the love.  That, again, probably won’t make you fall over in awe immediately.  The better you get to know your Savior, the more you see the lengths that he went to that we might be loved by him, the clearer Jesus’ new command becomes.

The problem is that normally we love things, people, and places that make us happy.  Jesus wants us to love each other even if that happiness factor is missing.  This is the unconditional love that makes Christians stick out.  That’s a different kind of love.  A love that doesn’t make sense.  People sometimes look at the church, scratch their heads and wonder why would a Christian love people when there is nothing to gain.  Why love someone that makes us sad?  Why love someone who would hurt us repeatedly?

One year at a youth camp in our district, I offered a devotion using the song Grenade by Bruno Mars.  I didn’t have a radio, MP3 player, or any speaker.  All I had to do was say the first couple lines and the kids knew exactly what I was talking about.  I asked them what love looks like.  Love isn’t always flowers and candy hearts.  Love isn’t always a delightful, warm-fuzzy feeling.  Sometimes love is an ache, a hurt that will never go away because we can’t stop loving.  It is my prayer that this divine love might transform your life.  May people look at you as you carry out this new command from our Lord and know that you are his disciple.

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