Abundant Love

Do you think abundant love filled John Newton’s heart when he made captain on a slave trading vessel?  What about when he deserted his post in the English Navy?  We can keep going back in John Newton’s life, but we won’t find what we’re looking for.  The abundant love John Newton wrote about in his famous him, Amazing Grace, did not come from within.  The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy about that abundant love.  Paul and John Newton were similar figures.  Paul honestly thought he was serving God when he persecuted the church.  He was honestly wrong.  Both men realized that they were enemies of God, chief of sinners.

In our children’s message we considered what that overflowing, abundant love looked like!  It got a little messy when the water started to spill everywhere!  The point to consider is that God’s love completely covers our sin.  God doesn’t just give us enough grace to take care of our sins.  We don’t have to wonder is it enough.  It overflows!  Consider the overflowing words that Paul uses as he writes to Timothy.  He cuts both ways to emphasize the contrast.  Paul was a blasphemer, a persecutor, violent, ignorant, unbelief, sinner, and the worst.  Now what does God do?  He pours abundantly grace, faith and love.  He saves, shows mercy, and display unlimited patience.

Unlimited is alot.  My favorite picture is the all you can eat Chinese buffet of God’s love!  God wants you to heap up generous portions of his abundant love!  AND then bring that abundant love with you.  Share it with everyone you know.  Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s sermon taken from 1 Timothy 1.