Advent Confession

What would you say?  “How is your Christmas going?”  That’s an innocent enough question.  Would we talk about how we just don’t have time to accomplish all of the demands placed on us?  How could anyone pack so many activities into one month!  The travel, parties, and shopping for gifts can be exhausting.

This Sunday we looked at the Advent confession of John the Baptist.  He was conducting a thriving ministry in the wilderness out by the Jordan River.  Religious leaders from Jerusalem came out to him to find out who he was and what he was doing.  They didn’t understand why anyone would want to follow someone who looked like John.  They flat out asked him if he was the Christ, Elijah, or the Prophet.  He rejected all of their suggestions.  That was honest, but over the history of the world, not everyone has been able to reject those suggestions.  You don’t have to be Jim Jones fall into that trap.  Anyone who will sacrifice God’s Word because it’s not popular or easy to follow has fallen into the trap.

John’s confession simply pointed to Jesus.  He described how Jesus was so far above him that he wasn’t worthy to untie the Savior’s shoes!  I think that we can have a similar view of the Savior too.  It is true that no one will accuse you of being Jesus, but they might ask you about him this Advent season.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses is known as America’s Grandma.  She started painting in her 70’s after arthritis made sewing too difficult.  She painted until she died at age 101.  The one thing that set Grandma Moses apart was the joy that she showed in her paintings.  Her life was difficult.  She five of her children died in infancy, yet you would never know that looking at her paintings.  I don’t know what her faith was like, but I know from her art about the joy that was in her heart.

You don’t need to pick up the paint brush to explain what is in your soul, but you can explain it in a few sentences.  This Advent season make your confession.  Put the focus on Jesus.  That might mean decorating your home and your life.  When you point to the Christ child as the one who not only gives you joy, but rescues you from your sin, that is a powerful statement.  Consider how you will make your Advent confession this Christmas.