Advent of our King – Coming to Save

“Save me!”  Does that sound like a cry from a caroler at Christmas time?  Maybe not, but it is a fitting thought for the season of Advent.  When Old Testament prophets like Isaiah wrote they didn’t just see one point in time in the future.  The events of the future were blurred together in what has been called, “prophetic perspective”.  Imagine looking out over the mountains in Colorado.  You can see all kids of peaks, but the valleys lay hidden.  It can be almost impossible to discern the distance between the peaks or what’s hidden in the valleys that lie between them.  So also the prophets may have seen Jesus’ first coming at Christmas right next to his second coming on the Last Day.  That is also why thoughts of divine retribution get placed next to pictures of the New Testament church.  HERE is Isaiah 35.

Finally when we see Isaiah’s picture of the Way of Holiness there are great descriptions of it that might leave us feeling left out.  There is nothing bad.  Isaiah says it a few different ways.  How would I ever make it onto the way?!  There isn’t a way for us work our way onto the road.  We can’t build up enough speed.  The only hope is for our God to redeem us.  This isn’t a far fetched hope like your favorite sports team winning the championship.  This is what our God says he delights to do!  When we cry, “Save me!”  He won’t disappoint.  Especially not at Christmas.

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