Advent of our King – Long Time Coming

This is the first meditation from our Wednesday Festival Advent Worship Service – The Coming of Our King.

The Advent of our King is the reason that we prepare our hearts.  During our Advent festival service we hold up the season and look at the themes from three different angles.  First we’ll look at why Jesus had to come.  The longer lesson and meditation from Genesis 3 is a painful look back at the first Fall into sin.  We’ll see that not that much has changed.  We still are weak.  What is worse?  Satan know it!  The great accuser has no problem finding our weaknesses and getting us to fall.  How horrible is it to see our failings in the mirror Genesis 3 provides for us.  Yet as God details the curses that face the world, he doesn’t leave out the first hint of the gospel the world ever heard.  Jesus was promised – not in name – but the promise of the Savior of the world came to the first two humans in the Garden of Eden.  Jesus was a long time coming.  That’s not to say that he was off in his timing when he finally did come, but the world was truly ready.

It’s important to note that Adam and Eve, along with the rest of the Old Testament Christians believed in a Savior who would come.  We believe in a Savior who did come.  We have many more details than Adam and Eve did, but the trust and faith in God’s promise of forgiveness was the same.  Watch or hear the first meditation on the the Advent of our King.  His first Advent was a long time coming.

To hear the second meditation on Luke 1, please click HERE.

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