Alive and Not Alone

Ascension may see to be a curious church holiday.  Why would the church celebrate Jesus’ physical presence leaving the planet?!  How does that help?  Wouldn’t life be better with Jesus roaming the planet stopping wars and curing disease?  In some ways, yes.  If all we want is a “better world” then that’s all it would have taken.  The problem with that theory is that it misses the biggest problem that the world is facing.  It’s not ebola or cancer.  It’s not terrorism and war.  The world’s biggest problem was and still is sin.  That is thoughts, words and actions that offend our holy God.  The spiritual problems that the world faces dwarf any natural disaster because this world is not the end of our existence.  There is a heaven and a hell.  One day the judge of the universe will call us to account.  Jesus left the world not to abandon his church, but to free us to start the work of evangelizing the world.  That work continues today.  Watch and see how even though Jesus is gone, we are not alone.