Answer the Call

“Hmmm… I don’t know that area code.  I think I’ll let it go to voicemail.”  I think most of us have had this train of thought run through our heads before.  Worst case whoever it is can leave a message.  If it’s a telemarketer, answering the call isn’t worth our time.

Of all the different calls in the world, the one I never understood skipping is the call for dinner.  Who wouldn’t want to go and eat!  And it is rude to not come to a meal that someone prepared.  All of that being said I think that this is the one call that all of us abuse the most.  I’m not saying that we skip meals on a regular basis, at least not for our bodies.

God calls on his people to feed their souls on a regular basis.  How much effort is there in reading an email devotion automatically delivered to our inboxes?  How difficult is it to listen to a sermon?  I know that there might be some effort that goes into the front end of those efforts, but for the most part, feeding our souls daily is a very reachable goal.

There are other calls as well.  God has called each of us into a vocation in life.  There was the call to faith, for many of us when we were young through the waters of baptism.  God calls us to lead a pure life in thought, word, and deed.  I want you to consider that the most important call you’ll get to make this week is the one you give to someone else.

Want to learn more about God’s call?  Watch this week’s sermon taken from 2 Samuel.