Approach the Bench

When the judge calls someone in his courtroom to approach the bench, it’s not optional to obey.  The lawyer or whomever simply starts walking.  It’s a little different when someone wants to speak to the judge.  Not anyone can simply walk up to the judge and talk to him.  There are sheriff’s deputies in the court that protect judge and keep order in the court.

This Sunday we continue our series God’s Court Room under the theme Approach the Bench.  If we wanted to speak with God, are there proper channels that we have to work through?  Does God ever call us into his presence?

Our sermon introduces us to one of the Old Testament patriarchs.  Jacob had a rough home life.  There was just Jacob and his twin brother Esau.  Jacob’s dad favored Esau, while his mom loved Jacob.  I’ll let Jacob tell you the rest of the story in our sermon.  Before I leave you, I want you to understand the focus of the Second Sunday in Lent.

Last week we looked at how Jesus defeated temptation.  He took on the devil and won!  It’s game over.  That was the first thing he did when he started his public ministry.  That doesn’t mean that the devil goes home like a whipped puppy with his tail in between his legs.  He still rages and follows you around like a roaring lion.  This Sunday, the Second in Lent, focuses on your cross.  This is the cross that we heard Jesus call us to carry in our Gospel Lesson.  The cross of a Christian isn’t necessarily something bad in life.  The cross is anything that is a challenge to your faith.  This would include all temptations and trials in life that lead you to question God.

What to hear more?  Let me introduce you to Jacob.