Are You Betraying the Son of Man with a Kiss?

Of all the despised figures in the history of the world, Judas Iscariot is most likely near the top.  As one of Jesus’ most trusted followers, he was one of The Twelve.  What makes Judas’ story so tragic isn’t his fall from grace.  Everyone hides sin in his or her heart.  Judas went to wrong place for spiritual advice.  The Chief Priests, the shepherds of God people, heard his cry for help.  In his despair he wasn’t told to go to the God free and faithful grace.  He was told, “What is that to us?  That is your responsibility.

What we find so striking in this account is the heart of our Lord Jesus.  In my opinion, I don’t think there is a worse person than a close friend who would literally sell me out.  I would want nothing to do with that person.  Jesus not only knows that Judas would do this, but he reaches out to him over and over again.  Jesus doesn’t want anyone to fall, not even his betrayer.  As Jesus spoke these words, how his heart was breaking knowing how the events would end.

On that note, there are some who have said that since God knew that Judas would fall, that means that God wanted Judas to fall from grace.  That is not true.  That is not fair to our compassionate God.  That would make the words and actions in the Bible a twisted shadow play from our creator.  Jesus asks this question as a call to repentance.

“Are you betraying the son of man with a kiss?”  This question cut through the heart of the sinner.  This questions shows us the heart of our Savior.

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