Ascension of our Lord

We celebrate the ascension of our Lord because in many ways it was the day Jesus was crowned king.  There have been many kings over the history of the world.  On the last day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  When you watch the news, you won’t find that story.  No the news now days is a little different about the world leaders.  Who won this election?  Which group enjoys power for the time being?  Politics can be a mess.  On the Last Day no one will ask who is in charge.  No one will be elected Ruler of the Universe.  Jesus already holds that title.

The pictures of Jesus in the Bible are familiar and precious to us.  Baby Jesus in the manger.  The suffering servant dying for the sins of the world.  Maybe you relate well to the Good Shepherd.  In the early Christian church, those images were good, but on days when you witnessed or personally experienced terrible physical persecution it was good to see Jesus as the victorious King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  The armies of heaven follow behind him not because he needs their help, but as a show of his power and majesty.  Revelation is a simple book.  For all the fantastic imagery the simple message is that Jesus wins.  He won the battle that we lose at every day.  God to him for forgiveness, protection and peace.  His name is Faithful and True.


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