At the Name of Jesus

When people use the name of God, it isn’t always in worship. Sometimes it can be a word of disgust or frustration. God gives us his name not for creative cursing. Instead we can pray, praise and give him thanks – calling on his name. In fact when you come for worship the baptismal font is placed in the back of the church in the middle of the aisle so that you are reminded of God’s name when it was said over you at your baptism. The service starts in the name of the triune God with the invocation. The service ends with the blessing so that when you leave worship you go bearing his name. That is what you are, Christian, a member of his family.

“Jesus” is still a common name in some cultures (38th of the top 100), but “Jesus Christ” is the only Son of God. Jesus is his name – it means Savior. Christ is his title. Christ means the anointed one. It is the Greek version of the Hebrew word for Messiah. Both mean anointed.

The focus on the name of Jesus at New Years has to do with the church celebrating Jesus’ dedication at the temple by Mary and Joseph – the time when the child was given his name.

As you watch the sermon listen for a series of stories that describe all that Jesus has done for us and why the name of God is so precious to us.