Attitude Adjustment

I think that all of us have heard of a sore loser, but is it any better when someone wins poorly?  Not sure what I mean?  Consider the Lady Vikings of East Bridgewater High School in Massachusetts.  They won their first playoff game this year… 93-7.  I have a little experience with youth sports, and I can tell you that when your team is on the winning side of a blow out it can be hard.  That said sportsmanship can be lacking these days.  It isn’t a question of talent or instruction, but attitude.  You could say that people need an attitude adjustment.

In our text from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Jesus is held up as an example.  I don’t know that anyone could ever reach the level of Jesus – wait I know that no one could get out of last place when it comes to reaching the level of Jesus.  He is God.  Even though he set that aside so that he could live in our place, he was and still is God.  We are slaves to everything!  When we give into temptation, we are reminded that we are a slave.  What does that look like?  When you know you shouldn’t do something, but you want to, and then you do it – you’re back in chains.  Get cut off on the road when you’re in a hurry – you’re a slave.  Bored and your mind wanders to activities and thoughts where it shouldn’t go – you’re a slave.  James describes the process in detail in the first chapter of his book.  The problem with our attitude is that we think we’re winning as slaves!  We think we’re ok.  We wonder what all the fuss is about.  Oblivious to our own crisis we want to look away from our Savior during the season of Lent.

Palm Sunday is a wonderful time to celebrate the one day that Jesus allowed himself to be praised as the King of Peace that he is.  As the king rides into the city he comes to conquer for his subjects.  His battle is a spiritual one that plays out in Jerusalem.  Return on Good Friday to see the battle first hand.