Back to School

It’s time to go back to school.  56 million children, K -12 will be getting onto a bus, filling up a lunch box, and buying school supplies.  I know for some of you, school is a distant memory, but there is a certain rhythm to life that starts with the school year whether you have kids going back to class or not.  And even though you and your are done with all formal education, there is still room for Bible class.

This Sunday we went back in for some advice from our God.  The text from Ephesians 3 is loaded with golden nuggets of truth.  One I wanted to highlight in this post is that the days are evil.  This doesn’t seem so profound, but I think there is a temptation for us to watch the news in horror (as we should some days) because the stories are shocking.  The alternative school in New Mexico that was training children to be school shooters is an extreme example.  I don’t know that we need to dig into the headlines to find stories like these to realize that the days are evil.

Our God would have us only look into the mirror.  When we see the black sin that festers in our own heart, we must confess that the days are evil because I’m evil.  This is, of course, not God’s plan for our lives.  The daily exercise of self examination, repentance, that is a turning away from sin to our Savior.  That prospect isn’t always easy because our sinful nature does not like the wisdom found in God’s word.

When we take our sins to Jesus he does not turn away from us as though we failed his last quiz in some math class.  He loves us.  He gives us a clean record and restores our reputation before our heavenly Father.  Want to hear more?  Watch this Sunday’s sermon as we go back to school.

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