Beautiful Feet

Maybe your feet don’t look so good.  There is plenty of advice to make your feet look good.  After all we live in the information age.  The problem is that we don’t live in the wisdom age.  When the prophet Isaiah spoke of beautiful feet in chapter 52 of his prophecy he was talking about what the person was going to bring.  Those feet could’ve been covered in nasty bunions or callouses, but they were beautiful because they carried a messenger who had news – GOOD NEWS!  This was the news that Jesus, the suffering servant revealed in chapter 53, had paid for the sins of the world.  There was nothing more left to do.  Sinful man was right with God not because of some herculean work that we had done, but because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice.

Michigan Lutheran Seminary exist to make beautiful feet.  There isn’t a cosmetology department at the high school, but it is the first step for young men and women who may be considering the full time public ministry of the gospel – GOOD NEWS!  Their feet will be beautiful because a full half of the students, on average, will go onto Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN, the next step for a young person who would like to be a pastor, teacher, or staff minister in our church body, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.