Blood Covenant

The thought of a blood covenant might not be the most appealing to us.  I think in  2018 the thought of a covenant brings to mind arguing over pink flamingos and trailer homes parked in front yards.

The covenant in Exodus 34 is a little different.  Both are an agreement.  Two sides agreed to terms of a contract.  For God’s people, Moses read all of the rules that God laid before the people.  They complied – or at least they said that they would comply.  Moses wrote down all of the rules of the covenant.

The next day there was a worship service where the covenant was put into effect.  Twelve young men from the twelve tribes of Israel (there was no priesthood yet) made sacrifices to God.  Moses sprinkled the blood from the sacrifices on the altar and then on God’s people showing that both sides were part of the covenant.

Then God invited the seventy elders along with Moses and a few other leaders to enjoy a meal with God.  The pavement of this eating space was like a blue stone.  More importantly when the people came into the presence of God they didn’t die!  God told Moses that no one could see him and live.

As wonderful at it sounds to enjoy a little fellowship time with God, we aren’t really that far away.  God has promised that heaven will be a full communion with him.  That is to say, we will see God face to face.  We will enjoy his presence.  Does that mean that the food will be great and the accommodations will be perfect?  Probably.  Ok, so maybe we don’t know the exact details of heaven or what the food will be like.  The Bible always speaks of heaven in negative terms.  That is, the Bible says what heaven is not.  That’s how poor our experience is here in our fallen world.

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