Boast This Way

Of the achievements of mankind is intelligence one of the tops?  Do we know if eggs are good for us?  I thought vitamin C was good for me too, but now I’m not so sure.  If we can’t be completely sure what is good for our bodies, how can we be certain of what is good for our souls?  The wise and scholarly have debated if there is a God, but that doesn’t help me answer basic questions like, why am I here?  Where have I come from?  Where am I going?  Only our God in his word gives us the answers to these and more.  We can’t really boast about our knowledge.  The only thing we can boast about is our God.

Consider this: some people like evidence, proof.  Jews wanted signs.  They wanted proof in miracles that a prophet was from God.  The Greeks loved wisdom, but the two most popular trains of thought either tried to remove themselves from the pleasures of this world or the complete indulgence of them.  That doesn’t really help either.  If you want to start to see wisdom, consider the foolishness of God.  Look at the passion account.  Jesus gave up his life for people that wanted to kill him.  Over the course of history God’s people rebelled again and again.  God’s foolish love repeated chased after his people.  God’s foolish love is meant for me too.

It is humbling to think that there is nothing in me to boast of.  All of my boasting in my God.  When I start with the truth that I am a redeemed child of God, then – and only then – can I begin to find answers to those questions that the brightest and best cannot answer.  Walk This Way: Boast Like This.  Boast in God.

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