Breakfast with Jesus

Breakfast on the beach sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Enjoying the sound of the surf crashing against the sand while you sip some OJ and nibble a scone could be a relaxing vacation idea.  These disciples were not relaxing.  They were hard at work all night.  It didn’t go that well.  I’m not just talking about the night of fishing.  For three years they followed the Son of God.  Then he was horribly murdered.  They didn’t know what to make of it.  On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead, but still they weren’t sure what it all meant.

They knew that Jesus was alive.  They had their marching orders as to what he wanted to do, but was it that simple?  A lot had happened.  If you are Peter, would you be certain that Jesus still wanted you as a follower?  If you’re the rest of the disciples, who are you following?  He isn’t there 24/7 to follow any longer.  Were they fishing outside of Jerusalem just to kill some time?  Or were they considering returning to life before Jesus?  Watch as we explore what we do now that Easter has happened.  What do you do after a long night’s work?  Have breakfast with Jesus and feed your soul.

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