By Faith

Faith is an important commodity.  If you would like to see it in action – check out the children’s message from Sunday.  Would you follow someone’s words blindly?  It can be difficult to follow when we don’t always like what we see.

The prophet Habakkuk lived during a terrible time.  The last bit of God’s people had rebelled against him to the point that he was about to allow them to be taken into captivity.  There was violence everywhere.  Habakkuk asked the question why?  God answered the prophet’s prayer – God answers every prayer.  In his answer he doesn’t try and explain himself.  The reason for all trouble in our fallen world is sin.  God offers a solution in Jesus.

That solution doesn’t wipe away the sinful world, but it does wash it clean.  Jesus says that on the Last Day it will be wiped clean.  Until that day we wait, and we watch.  The difficult thing for us is that we do not watch with our eyes.  Our eye deceive us.  It is our cry, as well as that of Luther and the reformers.  It was the cry of the Spirit first through Habakkuk’s pen and then the Apostle Paul in his letters.  The righteous will live by faith.

What does that mean for my every day life?  In the sermon I shared with you a few examples from Camp Chi Rho in Maryland held the last week of July.  The campers voted on everything from their favorite pizza toppings to their favorite careers.  The answers may surprise you.  Whatever careers the the next generation takes, as long as they keep Jesus as their focus, the path is a God pleasing one.  By faith their focus will remain on Jesus.

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