Christ The King

What would the perfect king look like to you?  Would it be Louis XIV of France – the Sun King.  This guy was the height of opulence and royalty.  He even had the shoes to prove it!  Whether your ideal ruler was George Washington to our current leader, President Obama, there is one leader that surpasses them all.  Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe.  What exactly does that mean?  In a world that is besieged with terror threats from without and guilt from within each of us, it can be difficult to see where Jesus is still in control.  Just because we can’t always see Jesus power, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  This isn’t making excuses for God – he doesn’t need my help.  It’s important to remember that Jesus’ kingdom is a different kind than what we normally think of.  It’s a spiritual kingdom not made up of boundaries and borders, but with hearts of people knit together from every corner of the globe.

The question in the face of disaster that deserves direct attention is the question of why.  Why does God allow terrorist to blow up people in France?  Why does God allow murder and rape?  Why does God allow _____ ?!  We can do this all day.  There is nothing wrong with any of these questions.  Our hearts ache when we see the chaos and evil of the world.  The answer falls in God’s love.  God back to the first two people in the world.  When Adam and Eve sinned what would you have done if you were in God’s shoes?  I would have started over.  Toss creation into the circular file and start over!  God didn’t.  God loved.  For God to end the world and stop the horror would mean that people whom he loves, for whom his Son died would be lost forever.  When the last soul hears the gospel, when the Spirit created faith in the final heart, God won’t let this veil of tears continue any longer than it must.  The Last Day will come.  Amen.  Come quickly, Lord.

Watch this timely sermon on Christ our King.

NB:The audio drops out from 3:30 – 9:45.

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