Church Triumphant

The church triumphant is tough to imagine.  First, the picture offered for us in Revelation 21 is hard to understand.  Second, no one has tried to recreate the image because no matter what is tried will disappoint.  Who knows how bright the glory of God really is?  How can you recreate the gate of a city carved out of a giant pearl – not to mention TWELVE gates carved out of a giant pearl.  When St. John recorded his Revelation, could he even put into words just how fantastic heaven was?

For our message this Sunday we didn’t try to find some place on the planet that would compare to heaven.  Such a place doesn’t exist, but with the help of a few illustrations, the goal was that the listener would be able to see him or herself in heaven!  Ok, even that is a stretch.  What we can do is offer the comfort of knowing that a Christian will most certainly be in heaven.  For that we have God’s own word.

The comfort of heaven is two-fold.  First it is a great comfort to know that we can find our own names in the names of the twelve tribes of Israel who are carved into each gate.  We are forgiven.  Guilt can’t stick to our soul.  I suppose that gives us perspective to know that whatever happens in this life, there really is something better waiting for us.

I would like to submit that we don’t need to wait until we reach those pearly gates to enjoy God’s blessings.  God keeps his promises to us everyday!

Watch to hear more about a 106 year old man who finally got his high school diploma and one day, probably not 106 years from now, we too will finally reach our goal.

Want to hear more?  Watch this Sunday’s message taken from Revelation 21: Church Triumphant.


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