Companionship is one of the three Cs of marriage.  You can ask any confirmand about God plan and you’ll find that there are three blessings that God has built into marriage.

The first is children.  Any man and woman could come together to have a child, but God’s design for children is in a marriage.  There is stability, love, and two people to raise a child.  That doesn’t take away from the single parents of the world. When we look at parenting at this time in America, it does sharply contracts with God’s good design.

The second C is chastity.  That is, marriage is where God has reserved his gift of sex.  These days that is last place you would think to find sex.  Sex is used to sell everything. The sex industry is a billion dollar one.  Oh how God’s wonderful gift is abused.  The greatest lie of Satan isn’t that sex is fun.  It is that God has been holding out all this time.  The greatest joy for sex is found between a husband and wife.  That is God’s perfect plan.

That brings us to our final C, companionship. Have you ever enjoyed a sunset, landing a large fish, or an afternoon of shopping?  I’ll bet that if there was a friend with you enjoyed it far more than if you were alone. It is that companionship that God built directly into marriage. Again, there is nothing wrong with living the single life. God’s perfect design for the basic building block of society features companionship.

Want to hear more, including how it all started at creation? …how Luther brought marriage back to the clergy? Watch this week’s message taken from Genesis 2.

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