Delight Again

Delight is a powerful word that describes joy. It’s one thing for us to delight in our favorite food or activity, but in our text from Deuteronomy 30 God is talking about delighting in us! Or at least he wants to… He used to… What can we possibly do to make God pleased with me again? Who likes being a disappointment?!

God’s marching orders for his church give us such a spiritual price tag that we get sticker shock the first time we walk into church. All we have to do is follow God’s commands for our lives. Very quickly any child learns that perfection isn’t something that we can reach. How can we get around that? There is nothing that we can do. Moses addresses this question in our text. Don’t think, “who’s going to cross the ocean to see how we can make God happy?” Don’t imagine that we could reach up to heaven and have eternal. There is nothing that we can do. That is why Jesus had to step in.

Before we get excited about how Jesus has brought us opportunity for service and happiness, we need to see that he is our Savior. Jesus is the reason we can get excited about Christianity. We don’t worry about doing enough because Jesus did it all. When God looks at you and sees your faith (that he gave you) in Jesus, he is delighted by what he sees.

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