Easter Mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery!  Some mysteries don’t live up to the hype.  Take Al Capone’s vault.  A TV special in 1986 drew an audience of 30,000,000 people!  Do you remember what was in there?  Let’s just say that the contents left people disappointed.  Have you ever been disappointed on Easter?  Do we ever have the same reaction as that of the children opening up an empty egg?  What good does an empty tomb do when I have an empty bank account?  What good does an empty tomb do when I have so many empty relationships?  Jesus is risen and the mystery for some people is what it all means.

Easter doesn’t mean that are no longer a sinner.  We sin every day.  Every day we’ll have to battle our sinful flesh, the world around us, and our Old Evil Foe, the devil, who tempts us to sin all the time.  Easter means that everything Jesus did worked.  We stand forgiven because of Jesus’ sacrifice on Good Friday.  Because Jesus’ tomb was empty, one day our tombs will look exactly the same.  We’ll rise from the dead at the command of our Lord on the Last Day.  Ah, what a mystery!  Now we’re getting into Easter.  Paul talks about a few of the details of the resurrection and how we can treat the specter that follows us until the day we die.

If you love a good mystery, there is none better than what happens on Easter morning.  Watch and believe.  Jesus lives!