Exclusive Interview

Finally!  We get some questions answered.  Only at this exclusive interview will we learn what our favorite celebrity is really thinking.  I’ll tune in to watch that!  So maybe we don’t watch anything live anymore.  Interviews are still entertaining to watch.

When it comes to Jesus, wouldn’t you like to know what he’s really like?  Sure he’s the humble itinerant preacher that does an occasional miracle.  Yes, Jesus could put the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law in their place like no other.  That doesn’t go deep enough.

On Transfiguration Sunday we get to see Jesus as he truly is.  On the Mount of Glory Peter, James, and John saw Jesus radiant and bright.  This is how it will be when we reach our heavenly home at last.  There is no sun in heaven because our God is all the light that we will need.

Transfiguration Sunday is more than an interesting novelty.  The church needs to see Jesus glorified before she sees him crucified.  We need to see Jesus almighty and powerful before we see him weak and condemned.  The temptation during the season of Lent when we consider Jesus passion is to look away and despise our Savior King.

Finally the interview of Jesus wouldn’t be complete without some important commentary.  God the Father’s editorial remark thunders across the sky in approval.  Jesus was perfect at the baptism and now as he closes out his ministry we hear that he still is!  By faith the Father’s editorial applies to our souls as well.  For Jesus’ sake our sins are paid and we are perfect, clean.

Those aren’t just the answers that we wanted to hear.  Our eternity hangs on Jesus performance.  He will never let us down.