Find the Lost

There is nothing like going on a hike in the crisp fall air.  The glory of creation shines as leave turn and fall.  When a group wants to get off the beaten path to see something new – away from cell coverage – it can be a little scary if the trail looks unfamiliar.  When was the last time we saw the blaze?  Getting lost is one thing.  What if a person has never known just how lost he or she really is?

JRR Tolkien wrote in his famous poem, “Not all who wander are lost.”  I think it’s possible in 2016 for the world to be full of wanderers.  People who have never known what it’s like to be home… with God.  They don’t hate God.  They know that there is something greater, but that’s about it.  They know of a few different faiths, but it seems safer to wander.

It’s not just these wanderers.  Anyone who doesn’t know that Jesus is the Savior of the world is truly lost.  Jesus tells us in Luke 15 – the great lost chapter – that he seeks the lost!  Today we’ll consider that he might use you.

You may not know what it’s like to be lost.  It’s possible you were baptized at a young age.  All you know is a communion with your creator.  You’re blessed.  Just as a person teaching English as a second language only needs to know English – not the language of origin, so you, Christian, need only tell the hope that you have in Jesus.  Share how he died for you.  Share how you rest in the peace of forgiveness.