Fishers of Men

I think most all of us have a part time job.  What’s that, you say?  You think that you already have a full time job?  God would agree with you.  Your job is to be a full time disciple of Jesus.  To be sure, most of us have a part time job that we may work 40+ hours every week.  God has plenty to say about those part time jobs under the topic of vocation.

What does our full time job of being Jesus’ disciples look like?  It looks an awful lot like being a fisherman.  In one article a professional fisherman talks about casting a thousand times just to get a bite on the line.  How many times did the Apostle cast his line in a conversation?  Christians don’t force people to believe by force or coercion.  Christians lay out the good news of God’s love in Jesus.  The Holy Spirit uses that powerful message to make the unwilling heart willing.  Jesus catches and cleans hearts when we go fishing for him.

That might sound like a great full time job.  Even if you have a bad day fishing for Jesus, I think there is a bumper sticker that says that’s still better than a good day at work.  Watch to learn more about fishing for Jesus!

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