Follow This Map

Follow the right path!  This is good advice for anyone.  Paul lays out for us that following the wrong path is hazardous to your soul!  This Sunday marks the second Sunday in our series – Walk This Way.  Last Sunday we looked at love and followed God’s advice to Love Like This.  This Sunday we heard sound advice from God’s word: Follow This Map.  There are two roads, one that leads to destruction and another that leads to citizenship in the kingdom of God.

Paul talks about idolatry.  Maybe you think of a little idol that ancient people used to worship.  Paul has a very 2016 definition of idolatry: your God is your stomach.  Every appetite that you could ever want is now sinful!  God may have put those appetites in your body, but anytime ANYTHING becomes more important and God and his will for your life, it is an idol.  While it may be tempting to look from afar at the sins of some people, it is worth our time in this season of Lent to look inside and see the sin so that we might confess and find forgiveness in Jesus.

Walk This Way: Follow This Path

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