Gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts make for a great holiday topic.  What did you get for your kids?  What did your spouse give you?  Ever since I was a young lad I enjoyed hearing about the gifts people gave or received at Christmas time.  There is an excitement about the moment being retold.  When you hear what the Apostle Paul received for Christmas you might be surprised!  John received: 1) a deluxe camping set, 2) the gift that keeps on giving, 3) a picture.

A deluxe camping set may seem like an odd gift, but if you spoke to the Jewish people they had fond memories of camping.  The tabernacle was God’s visible presence among his people in the Old Testament.

The gift that keeps on giving might mean different things to different people, but I think, far better than, a “jelly of the month club” membership, is one that has an incredible impact on our daily physical and spiritual life.

Pictures make great gifts for a few reasons, but the one that the Apostle Paul has is one that each of us will want to burn into our minds.

These three gifts are worth another look.  Merry Christmas!

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