God’s Christmas Card

By now you’ve probably received a few Christmas card’s in the mailbox.  Most of them will either have a picture of the author’s family – always a nice touch – or something to do with the birth of Jesus.  Just about everywhere you look you can find a picture of the nativity!  I wonder some days if people really understand that they are looking at a barn?  Is there a worse place to have a baby?  The smells, the sounds, the bugs.  There is nothing clean in a barn.  Did Mary wonder if a cow would try to eat her son when he went for a midnight snack?!  The thought of a birth in a barn isn’t a good one, but Jesus and he parents had no other options.

The Christmas card that God paints for us in Revelation 12 is a little different than what we’re used to, but it’s worth a look.  We see a woman, a dragon, and a child.  We’ll see the dangers of our Old Evil Foe, and God’s plan to rescue us and his son from his clutches.  Christmas was a daring move by our God to save the world that was lost in sin.  That story – that picture – in God’s Christmas card is one you have to see and hear!


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