Good Work

“Good work!”  Who doesn’t like hearing these words of praise?  Sometimes we don’t do work because we just want to try our best.  There are some days when we’re workingto catch up.  There is fear.  Work isn’t always done out of love or admiration.  Too often in my life I get behind.  I mess up.  I kick it in gear and I try to make up for lost time, for mistakes, for guilt.  Isn’t this the way of the world when we buy flowers or compliment a tie?  We can work hard at getting people to like us or to ignore or forgive our mistakes.

No so with our God.  He forgives us for Jesus’ sake.  That statement doesn’t compute in our scheming minds that can solve any irritated boss.  We can’t make God happy.  God demands perfection that we can’t deliver.  We need Jesus.

That might make it sound like we’re helpless, but that’s not the case.  We can do wonderful things for God’s kingdom!  How can we do that, fellow commissioned slaves?  Watch and find out!

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