Greased Pig of Happiness

What happens when you try to catch the greased pig of happiness?  (Yes, there is a lot to unpack there, but just answer the question.)  You get dirty.  There is no way around it.  The greased pig of happiness is an elusive animal that lives in the wilds of the word, deep in the muck.  It may smell good some days.  It may look clean as a whistle.  However if you want to catch him, you will get dirty.

There is nothing wrong with happiness per se, but the reality of living in a sinful world makes holding onto a greased pig hard to do.  Even if you had all the money in the world and could anything your heart desired, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold onto happiness.  Ask Solomon – he has been there.

So what is left there to do?  Keep on chasing the grease pig of happiness?  God has a different idea.  When the pig comes squealing at your front door, you don’t need to answer her siren song.  You can give a wave and walk away.  What’s the secret.  The reason so many people feel the need to chase the greased pig of happiness is because they don’t understand why we are here.  What is the meaning of life?

Our God offers something different than happiness.  He points us to contentment.  He gives us everything.  We don’t operate from a position of scarcity – trying to make ends meet, financially, emotionally, spiritually – but from a position of abundance.  God doesn’t speak about just getting by.  God isn’t in the business of razor thin margins.  He sent Jesus to flood our sin filled lives with grace so that we could have peace.  Want to hear more about how God gives abundance to your life?  Watch this Sunday’s sermon taken from 2 Corinthians 9.