Is a hedge just an overgrown plant?  Think of it as security.  There have been alarm systems for a while now.  Motion sensors, sensors that can tell when glass breaks, and video cameras all make for some great security.  Before there was the alarm system, there was the hedge.  We don’t know exactly who or what makes up the hedge.  I suppose it could be the imputable will of the Almighty God.  The point is that there is nothing that gets into your life without God allowing it through the hedge.  The basis for this comes from an unlikely place, the lips of Satan himself.

Our text from Job is an eye opening look into the spiritual realm of angels and demons.  Satan roams through the world looking for someone to devour through temptations and guilt.  It should give every Christian pause when we hear our God suggest Job as a target for Satan.  We might think why would he do such a thing?  God didn’t offer up Job because he hated Job.  God loved Job and was proud of him.

The theme of this Sunday in the Advent season is perseverance.  No where does God promise his Christians and easy life.  In fact, he promises the exact opposite.  “In this world you will have trouble,” is the promise of our gracious God.  God also promises us the hedge.  He will only allow evil into our lives if it will end in a blessing for us.  How did it end in a blessing for Job?  The story of Job gets much worse before it gets better.  After Job loses all that matters in his life, he loses his health too.  After some bad advice from his wife and friends, he lashes out at God.  That is partly why the book is so long and powerful compared with some other books in the Bible.  It’s real.  There are many times we don’t persevere.  We get frustrate with our lives and with our God.

Want to hear more? …including how God restored Job’s life?  …including why John the Baptist ending his ministry in chains, ultimately being executed for speaking the truth?  Watch this Sunday’s message taken from Job 1.

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