Imagine Your Home

What will it be like?  Jesus talks about you home in heaven as a mansion with many rooms.  There is one with your name on it.  What will that be like?  If you ask the kids, they will tell you their favorite food, but even blueberry pie probably doesn’t cover the full description of heaven.

Revelation 19 speaks of a feast – a grand party – with many people singing the praises of God.  There is the thought of being in the crowd, the thought of being in the crowd singing praise as one voice, and then there is the thought that this isn’t some nameless, faceless throng of people.  You’ll know even as you’re fully known.  These are the people you love and cherish.

I have cousins that I remember playing with as a youth.  My grandparents owned a farm in Tomah, WI.  They had a large family.  The second generation of kids would get together a couple days during the summer and it was fun.  Running with the other little boys and exploring every nook and creek of my grandparents farm was amazing.  One of the few blessings of social media is seeing pictures, being able to keep up with that extended family through the years.  There isn’t time even for a conversation in a chat window, but I can see their faces in just a few seconds.  When we reach heaven, we’ll have the rest of eternity to kick back and catch up.  To race and have fun.

This isn’t an abstract – wouldn’t that be great – thought.  This is a concrete promise from our God.  When I think of my second cousins, most of whom are still living, it’s a happy thought.  When I think of my loved ones who have gone before me into glory to be at the side of my Savior, Jesus, it is supreme comfort.  Watch, hear that comfort from the Word of our God.

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