Joy to the World

Is there anything that fills the heart full of joy more than a house full of Christmas lights?  You might have a few other suggestions, but it is fun to look at all the creative ways that people have decorated their homes.  However if you go back some 75 years ago, there was a country that did everything in it’s power to keep in the darkness.  They were hiding.  If anything was lit up at night it was bombed!  Talk about feeling helpless!  There is no joy in knowing that your town will be hit again tonight.  This time it might be your house.

In 2015 America, no foreign nation is pounding us into submission.  There might be a terrorist attack or two, but on Christmas Eve I think it is helpful to look within for the battle.  I’m talking about sin.  Little sins like a careless action, a careless word, or even a careless thought can be an offense to our Holy God.  Consider what the prophet Isaiah has to say.  He speaks of Jesus coming like it’s a done deal 700 years before he was born.  Jesus has mopped up the fighting and is ruling on David’s throne forever!  Watch this Christmas Eve sermon and see how Jesus brings the joy!