Keep in Step

Watch the band keep in step this 4th of July when the parade goes down your main street this year.  The brass in unison, the drums setting the beat, even the baton twirlers are fun to watch in the parade.  There are other kinds of parades.

Maybe you’re familiar with the kiddie parade.  It’s a parade, alright.  It’s a whistle blowing, bike riding mass of children swarming down the street. There are strollers with babies being pushed, and wagons decked out like parade floats.  That kind of parade is fun, but it’s a mess.  The only thing certain is that eventually all of the participants will make their way down the street.

The Christian life is one moving forward towards heaven.  Each day is a gift of God’s grace.  Each day one step closer to heaven’s gate.  In his pointed letter to the Galatian Christians the Apostle Paul talks about what it’s life to live by the Spirit.  Part of what he does is to contrast what life if like without the Spirit.  At its best, it’s like a kiddie parade.  At its worst, it’s an angry mob looting the neighborhood.  Paul reminds us that “since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”  Consider what that means.

Your thoughts are actually God’s thoughts.  All of the miracles, knowing that the Bible is God’s word, actually believing that God truly loves you are your thoughts.  God’s forgiveness is your reality.  Heaven is your home.  You are keeping the beat.  When you are working with other Christians who are also following Paul’s admonition to keep in step, the church is a powerful force for good in the world!

Want to hear more?  Check out this week’s message taken from Galatians chapter 5.

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