Know Your Place

There are five children in my family, but only one front passenger seat.  Now that all of them are of age (and weight) to sit in that coveted front passenger seat an argument can ensue as to which child is worthy of this seat of honor.  Normally what I say is that the oldest child can sit in the front – that gets muddied with twins.  When there is a sibling challenge to the passenger throne, a quick, “know your place,” settles the argument.

Knowing your place in life can solve alot of problems.  Being out of place can be dangerous.  How many people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time when something terrible happens.  Sometimes that can’t be helped, but other times it can be disastrous.

This can be true of a person’s relationship with God.  Looking at God from afar, who would challenge him?  Being humble before the Creator of the Universe sounds like a pretty simple exercise, right?  If you recall on the night before Jesus died, when he had so many important things to say to his disciples, they get into an argument as to who is the greatest!  Let me help you out, Peter.  If Jesus is sitting at the table, it’s him.  It’s so simple, but how many of us when faced with a task actually stop and think – “Should I do what I want to do?  Or… should I do what Jesus wants me to do?”  Very quickly we forget our place.  Humility is thrown out the window.  Sinful pride and the god of “Self” takes over.

You won’t find any help from the society that surrounds you.  It is common – even wise – to put yourself forward.  You won’t help yourself in the business community by putting others ahead of yourself.  Fill up the college application and resume with as many good things about yourself.  I understand that confusion can come easy.  Despair will be hot your heels as well.  When we are the god of our life and – gasp – we fail.  We let ourselves and the people around us down all the time.  The saying, “pride goes before the fall,” was written well before my lifetime.

That’s when we need to hear our Savior say these words of comfort, “Know your place.”  It’s by my side in heaven.  If heaven is pictured as a heavenly banquet you might wonder how could there be a place for me?  God doesn’t kick people off the table when you show up – he gets a bigger table.  Jesus won your position next to him when he gave up his life for you.  What does that mean for your daily actions?  How can you relate to a sin-filled world?  Watch and find out!