Leaving the Chains

When a prisoner thinks about leaving the chains behind, thoughts of freedom might come to mind.  On this Doubting Thomas Sunday consider what comfort their might be in those prison chains.  Let’s back it up and think a broader thought.  Why would you ever NOT want to believe good news in general.  If I told you that Winston Salem had a championship hockey team, would you believe me?  You might have clicked that link and seen for yourself, but would there be any reason to NOT believe me?

  • Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by good news I’ve offered, kind of like the boy who cried wolf.
  • Maybe the consequences of what I am telling you are so profound, they are simply too hard to believe.
  • Maybe there is something more than that even.  Maybe the truth that I offer scares you more than anything else.

How could the truth be more scary than a lie?  Well, if Jesus lives, then everything he says must be true.  I’m talking about things I like about myself and the world around me.  Those thoughts, words and deeds might not line up with his will.  Even without Scripture my conscience can condemn me.  I can try and silence that guilt, but coming into the presence of a God who can even break the rules of death might not sound appealing.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people in my life.  On occasion, I’ll meet someone who will flat out reject me when they find out my title.  “Wait, you’re a pastor?!  I don’t do church.”  At times that’s where the conversation ends.  That’s why when I meet a stranger, I don’t always offer too much information immediately.  I’ll say that I work weekends, visit the sick, etc.  I’m not ashamed of my job, but I do want to get beyond the first sentence with a soul for whom Jesus died.  He’s unlocked the chains.  That’s the good news we get to share this Easter.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s message taken from Acts 5.


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