Light a Fire

Watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics can send chills down your spine.  The unity of the world gathered on a grand stage as the Olympic torch is finally run through the stadium is a powerful moment.  That fire has gone around the globe carried by many members of the human race.  That’s just one example of what fire can do.

In Luke 12 Jesus has a much different picture of the fire that he was about to light.  This was the fire of division and suffering.  The fire that would end in his death and mean peace in the souls of all who would believe on him.  That fire still burns today.

This Sunday we began a sermon series – Weeks of Warning.  Each Sunday we’ll heard of an area of our lives we need to watch out for.  Our God tells us about this not so we can run in fear, but so that we can be prepared and face the challenges with Spirit filled courage.

Will everyone love Jesus and the forgiveness and peace he offers?  Sadly, no.  That doesn’t mean that we will hold back in our witness.  Even if our witness and our relationship with Jesus may ignite a fire that can destroy relationships in our life, the eternal benefits outweigh any risk.  Light a fire!