Look Up

Look up and count the stars!  If you had a little free time you would find that there are around 1 billion stars in the milky way sky.  That’s just our galaxy.  Any numbers after that become difficult to get your mind around.  The reason we are taking this walk through the night sky is because God told Abraham to look up!  God wanted him to try and count the stars he could see.  This wasn’t an exercise in counting as much as it was trying to imagine how God would keep his promise.

This was the fifth time that God had come to Abraham and made the same promise.  The problem was that as awesome as God’s promise of descendants as numerous as the stars, Abraham didn’t even have one child.  This wasn’t a case of a young couple struggle to conceive.  Abraham was past 75 – his wife, Sarah, past 65.  Sarah has never been able to have children.  Abraham had absolutely no idea how God could make this promise come true.  God doesn’t need us to understand the logistics of his almighty power to make it a reality.  God rarely calls us to understand; he calls us to trust him.

It is that trust – that faith that God credited to Abraham as righteousness.  The same is true for us.  All of God’s promises are wrapped up in the promise of his Son, Jesus.  God promised that he would send a Savior to take away the sin of the world.  God kept that promise.  God has been keeping promises since the creation of the world.  In 2016 God still keeps his promises for us too!  What promise seems too hard for God to keep?  Is it that he forgave your sins, but you can’t imagine anyone forgiving you when you look as the train wreck of your life?  Is is that he will give you all that you need when there are so many things that your family needs?  Or maybe is it that God will work out ever situation for your good even though right now you can’t imagine how?

Look up!  God kept his promise to Abraham.  God kept his promise in Jesus.  God won’t stop now.  He will keep his promise to you.  Watch to hear more!