Lost on Your Easter Journey

Juggling a map, watching for an exit, and avoiding the guy that just cut you off are nightmares of a previous generation.  It’s true drivers are still a little crazy, but getting lost is almost an impossibility in 2017.  Even the most basic cell phone without data most likely still has a GPS in it.  Maps can be preloaded.  There is no need to even look away from the road.  A pleasant voice of your choosing will tell you when to turn.  If you miss your turn, no one get angry.  You are safely rerouted to your destination.

For all of these advances it is still possible to be lost.  Oh, you may know how to make it home or to the grocery store, but do you know how to make it to heaven?  Try asking your GPS the way.  It won’t be very helpful.  If you’re not sure how to reach heaven, you’re not alone.  Two men walking home from Jerusalem the evening of that first Easter didn’t know either.  These two knew that Jesus’ body was missing and was most likely alive, but they were still lost.  Jesus walks with them and shows them the way.  He didn’t pull out a smart phone, or perform a miracle.  Jesus took them into the Old Testament.  He first showed them all of the promised that God made.  Then he showed them how all of God’s promises were kept in him.

If you are lost because of extreme grief or heartache, Jesus can help you too.  To learn more, watch this week’s sermon from Luke 24.  Let Jesus show you the way.

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